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    Pipeline Design

    Pipeline Design

    Pressure piping design
    Pump design and selection
    System hydraulic analysis
    Detailed pipe documentation

    Design of Drainage Dewatering Pipeline (1100m) and Pump Station

    This project involved the design of a new pump station and discharge pipe system. It was required due to planning operations within the mine. The project required a hydraulic analysis to determine the pump requirements for selection. The computer program adopted for the analysis was WATERCAD. DPS has a license for its operation. A preliminary pipe route was designed with which the pipe flows were modelled. The pipe route was designated to include all necessary fittings as required for its operation such as operational valves, pipe loops, pressure relief valves, non return valves and anchor restraints. DPS Pty Ltd procured all pipe materials by tender and organised the selection and delivering of the components. Our company also prepared contractual documentation for tender including drawings, technical specification and materials lists.

    Carpark re-design

    DPS was involved in the redesign of an existing Carpark. This included design of parking base, landscaped island, kerbing and stormwater drainage

    Rural Water Supply Pipeline

    DPS provide piping and water supply designs with pump stations for water supply projects in both greenfield sites and developed areas. We use ‘WaterCAD’ software for pipe network and pump analysis – this allows highly complex systems to be modelled, producing economic solutions.
    The pipe analysis software is directly linked to our drafting CAD system, which optimises our design and construction drafting time. Pump requirements can be accurately modelled using pump head/flow curves and duty point data, thereby tailoring construction requirements to industry availability.