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    Civil Design

    Civil Design

    Road and pavement design
    Earthworks and landscaping design
    Storm water pipe reticulation and retention pit systems
    Layout and design of carparks
    Material volume quantities
    Stormwater drainage design/analysis
    Channels, pit and pipe system design

    Longwood Road Bridge Design

    The project at Longwood required the design of a new concrete bridge to replace an existing dilapidated timber and steel girder bridge. The new bridge has been designed to the current VicRoads standards and incorporated bored piles and concrete abutment that supported pre-stressed concrete planks. A bridge traffic barrier was also incorporated into the design
    The project also required the design of an associated 5km crushed rock road and included a drainage design for stormwater runoff

    All preliminary works including site survey and geotechnical testing were project managed by DPS. A Bill of Quantities for supply of materials and construction costs were also provided.