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    Boundary Bend Substation

    Boundary Bend Substation

    DPS were involved in designing and drafting the civil infrastructure associated with the establishment of a new 25/33MVA 66/22kV Transformer and a Capacitor Bank at Boundary Bend.

    DPS undertook design and drafting for a new transformer foundation including bunding with oil splash barriers, oil/water separator within the bunded area, drainage sump and penetrations for conduits.

    The existing 22kV rack bus support structure was displaying bowing in members and DPS undertook a structural analysis to design remedial works to rectify these issues, as well as designing for the extension of the structure. DPS also redesigned the standard structure design to be used on future greenfield sites. DPS provided all shop fabrication drawings for the steelwork.

    A number of footings for switchyard equipment were designed according to the soil properties of the site. These included Circuit Breakers, Cable Support Structures and Capacitor Bank slabs.

    DPS also undertook an analysis of the site drainage system as the existing design was overflowing during periods of heavy rainfall. The analysis included a review of the existing interceptor pit and determined if it was possible to upgrade the pit to a triple interceptor pit. New pipework and pits were designed in order to manage the flow rate for the site and discharge all runoff into the existing swale drain.