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    Balaclava Zone Substation

    Balaclava Zone Substation

    DPS has undertaken design and drafting works associated with the extension of the existing Balaclava Zone Substation. The extension included installation of a new Transformer, extension of the 66kV bus structure and switchyard equipment, bunding of existing Transformer enclosures and new drainage design with installation of a Puraceptor.

    DPS designed foundations for the new Transformer and Radiator, including bunding with splash barriers, a

    transformer enclosure and sump pits with flame traps. As the substation is surrounded by residential housing, design considered requirements for noise, vibration and fire containment.

    The two existing transformers & radiators were unbunded and therefore part of DPS design works was to ensure oil is contained within bunded areas.  All transformers required drainage design, including the design for an oil/water containment and treatment tank which would then discharge to the outlet on the street.

    In addition, a number of footings were designed for switchyard structures including Isolator Support Structure, Disconnect Structure, Voltage Transformer Structure as well as Light Poles.

    DPS provided full design and documentation including any required specifications and is currently providing technical support during construction as required.

    We are also undertaking ‘prior and post’ construction dilapidation surveys of a number of dwellings adjacent to the building line.